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Designer Mastiffs is a company based on creating a beautiful, functional, and a great temperament large dogs. DMK's mastiffs are the perfect family dog and single family protector. Designer Mastiffs Kennels has the only Mastiffs in the world based from the Traditional Cane Da Presa Meridionale (which is already rare and created in Naples Italy). There two stock breed registries for the Cane Da Presa Meridionale : The one in Italy (Google it) and us (Designer Mastiffs Kennels) in America !!! It's only right for America to have their version. Adamus Bey (Adam Hill) is the pioneer in bringing exposure to the Cane Da Presa Meridionale and the creator/founder of the AMERICANE DE PRESA MERIDIONALE ( . There are many different coats that come from the AMERICANE DE PRESA MERIDIONALE. Alot of DMK's AMERICANE DE PRESA MERIDIONALE colors are identical to the Cane da Presa Meridionale. There is one slight difference and that's the breeds of mastiffs it took to make AMERICANE DE PRESA MERIDIONALE and the merle gene with have infused in our line. With that being said, Designer Mastiffs Kennels is the ONLY kennel with this RARE breed called AMERICANE DE PRESA MERIDIONALE.

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