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First Black Man to Create His Own Breed of Dogs

We are proud to make history! Designer Mastiffs Kennels is more than just a kennel. It is a lifestyle turned business. Adam Hill, the founder has always had a passion for dogs his entire life. He created Designer Mastiffs Kennel realizing he could make his ideal dog with a few different Mastiffs. “Every pure dog is made from breeding two or more different breeds consistently with a breeding chart“, a well known fact. After years of trial & error, the world is able to see and purchase their very own Americane Da Presa Meridionale. This particular breed makes one the world‘s best family guard dogs & pets. Americane Da Presa Meridionale has been marveled as extraordinary companion. It’s amazing to see Adam Hill be recognized as the first Black men create his own breed of dogs and be recognized by an international registry. We look forward to what Designer Mastiffs will do in the future.

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